enabling hands-on learning at the Atlanta girl's school.

Teachers at the Atlanta Girl’s School used Oasis E. coli Tests to supplement AP Environmental Science modules on water quality with hands on learning. Students from the 8th grade explored the fundamentals of water quality and learned about the story behind Oasis with CEO Arjun Bir. This was followed by a sampling activity in which they tested water from sites of their choice. These sites included the school's water fountains and a nearby stream. The sampling exercise proved to be a great transition into a discussion on water purification methods. 

This is what Science Department Chair Melissa Hankinson had to say about her experience using the Oasis Tests:
“We chose Oasis test kits on the recommendation of a former student. The instructions were clear and my students were able to interpret the results effortlessly. Additionally, the color change was exciting for students to witness and increased buy-in and interest in the results. I am so glad we were able to bring the Oasis Tests to my students. They came away with a deeper appreciation for our water system and a more nuanced understanding of the connection between poverty and access to clean drinking water.”