Our work is driven by just one question, "How can we make clean drinking water a living reality for every person on the planet?". After working closely with impoverished communities in India for 6 years, and conducting research on low cost water treatment methods at Georgia Tech for 2 years, our founder Arjun Bir realized that low-cost water testing held the key to ensuring clean water for all.

He led a capacity-building exercise focused on low-cost water testing methods for the Government of Bolivia and UNICEF in 2016. While in the field in La Paz, the conceptual design for the Oasis E. coli test was born. 

After a year of prototyping and troubleshooting, 3000 tests were deployed as part of a field trial in Kanpur, India in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The highly promising results from the test inspired the company leadership to setup a manufacturing plant in India to take the test to at-scale production. In May 2017, our factory was opened in Bangalore with a production capacity of 150,000 units a year. 

Through the test, and the data it generates, we hope to fulfill our vision of ensuring that no person in the world is left without clean water to drink.